'Westworld,' S2E4: "The Riddle of the Sphinx"

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The Ringer's David Shoemaker, Jason Concepcion, and Danny Heifetz discuss Bernard's and Jim Delos's timeline jumps (7:50), the reveal of William's daughter and what her role may be going forward (27:19), and this week's awards (46:49).

00:00:12I am pretty sure I guess studio in Hollywood California but if I can't tell does it matter regardless this is west world three castles part of the record high gas network I am your host David shoemaker today were talking season two episode for the return this we're doing
00:00:29this before airing without the benefit of subtitles a reading group think or a safety net in this episode we get a lot of Jim Dallas or is we got the man in black becoming a hero maybe and we got Bernard trying to remember where he left his car
00:00:43keys I am joined from my laboratory he briefing this week mine the host adventure mode the host of NBC desktop and a writer for the ring the one and only gazing Concepcion yes I did make it to and as always the living and made of cognitive he's free
00:01:04from his chains in all of ours is Anne hi how you doing Danny don't worry terminate all functions %HESITATION this is a crazy crazy episode crazy my first note to Jason before he saw it after I had seen it was I don't know if...
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