Post GE14: What's Next for Najib?

 Post GE14: What's Next for Najib? - BFM
May 11, 2018 · transcript

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The incoming government has pledged to abide by the rule of law in the prosecution of Najib Razak Administration. Today we ask how best to understand reports of the sealing of the Attorney-General's office, the Immigration Department's blacklist, the rumours of the impending arrest of the former prime minister for alleged crimes.

00:00:00this is a download from B. FM eighty nine point nine the business station for Malaysia on B. FM eighty nine point nine it's two forty PM sure out into my wish you were still waiting for them to come out his cabinet announcement but we are also seeing media
00:00:20congregate outside former prime minister Najib Resnick's house in anticipation of any possible arrests nothing has been confirmed at the moment we have for IBM's Keith calm on the ground keep us up at to keep us up to date %HESITATION we're going to be a crossing over to find
00:00:34out what the sentiment is on the ground just a little bit %HESITATION but before that %HESITATION we're going to try and understand what that procedure might involve so we have in the line Erik Paulsen executive director of lawyers for liberty from Eric Clapton to Erik Paulsen welcome to
00:00:50the show every going to begin by asking the the the expression of rule of law was use quite a bit %HESITATION when a doctor Monty spoke about taking power and and subseq...
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