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00:00:00Hey this is great canon and you're listening to why combinators broadcast so today's episode is with weight foster's Appier separated by sea in the summer of twenty twelve and this year they got a bunch of press for their D. location package so that's basically a ten thousand dollar
00:00:14offer to new employees who live in the bay to move somewhere else so we talk about that in this interview we talk about remote work the whole team it's appears remote and we also talk about Wade's interest in racquetball so if you need any tips you can skip
00:00:27to the end as always we're gonna post a you tube video and the transcript at blog at why commentator dot com and %HESITATION please remember to rate and subscribe to the show alright I haven't started with questions from Twitter before but I feel like they kind of covered
00:00:42some of the initial ones I wanted to go off with her so maybe we should just go with those are so the first one was from Ben Thompson and that he has for more detail on the pay ...
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