#018 – Finding Your First Paying Customers with Wade Foster of Zapier

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How did a company that nobody'd ever heard of find hundreds of beta users, and even convince them to pay for access? Wade Foster tells the story behind user acquisition at Zapier.
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00:00:07hello everybody this is court one from and the actors dot com and today I've got weighed foster the CEO of sappy or on the podcast has gone way pretty good thanks Randy Cortland yeah thanks for coming on the show I'm gonna do my best to explain what's Appier
00:00:21is and then I would love for you to go ahead and explain what that is case I do an awful job but sappy here allows you to cut back to clean any apps and products to each other so that you can automate your work for example if you
00:00:33get a new tweet you can automatically of sappy or create a trap email inbox are at a road spreadsheet personally I think zap here's an invaluable tool for people who don't know how to code and also for developers I use it in any hackers because way faster than
00:00:46learning a hundred different API's including all of myself that's my interpretation was that beer is wait how would you explain that's pretty good I I generally talk about APRS like a workflow automation platform hooks and about I think we've...
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